Community Green Economy Project

The Community Green Economic Project is a livelihood empowerment project that focuses on empowering women in local communities as well as promoting a green economy, climate resilience and food security. The project is divided into 3 key components, Entrepreneurial and skills training, Productive Asset Support and Business Development Support.


Technical and Vocational Skills Training

Women in rural communities are selected to acquire technical and vocational skills in the green sector to start a local green business.  Some of the skills they acquire are Organic fertilizer production, Fish Farming, Mushroom farming, beekeeping, Soap making from cocoa waste, etc

Entrepreneurial Skills Training

After acquiring technical and vocational skills in the green sector to the beneficiaries undergo a series of entrepreneurial training to allow them transform the skills acquired into successful business ventures

Productive Asset Support

After the skills and entrepreneurial training, women are given productive assets or seed funds to support them to kick start the business they have created.

Business Development Support

Women who have started their businesses are registered with the district’s business advisory centres to continuously provide business development support for their micro businesses. Also, they constantly receive mentorship and access to market support from Recycle Up! Ghana