Green Fuel Innovation Africa

Greenfuel  Innovation Africa solves the problem of deforestation, climate change, inadequate access to clean energy and unemployment among women in rural towns. Greenfuel’s charcoal briquette is clean, stainless, smokeless and affordable as compared to wood fuel.

Plasty House

Plasty House seeks to mitigate issues of plastic waste pollution by converting collected plastic waste and turning them into interlocking eco-bricks for construction.

Style and Glamour Enterprise

Style and Glamour Enterprise was founded in 2018 with the vision of producing eco-friendly packaging like paper bags, food boxes, envelopes for pharmacies, and organizations to reduce  the adverse effects of single use plastic on the environment while providing eco-friendly biodegradable alternatives

A.P Verde Farm

A.P Verde Farm is an organization that uses aquaponics to produce organic fertiliser that helps the growth of healthy crops. A.P Verde Farm was founded by Precious Boakyewaa Mensah and Angela Nantwi Mensah with the goal of providing quality foods free from chemicals.

Ilymar Kreations

Ilymar Kreations creatively manufactures household doormats from recycled fabric waste materials which directly reduces carbon emissions on the planet through the minimization of fabrics burning. They fiercely advocate a healthy environment.

Ariella Myco Integrated

Ariella Myco Integrated is a startup that uses sustainable integrated agricultural systems to produce foods that improve the wellbeing of its customers and reduces environmental pollution. The company currently engages at least 60 single mothers per year in mushroom production

Waste Advantage Afric

Waste Advantage Afric is involved in the recycling and upcycling of plastic products into dustbins, bags, stools and pencil cases. The enterprise is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, with active engagement in advocacy, and community buy back. The start-up primarily works with single parents and the disabled

GrEEn Project - Lord Philbarn Enterprise

Lord Philbarn Enterprise is a multifaceted construction firm based in Jachie-Krofrom, Kumasi. They offer sanitation, renewable energy, and architectural services. Their main innovation is the Kleen Toilet system, which is a next-generation eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable sanitation system that has no lifespan and is built to withstand any climate condition. Lord Philbarn has over 14 employees working on solving waste composts. Facebook:

GrEEn Project - Ofnet farms

Ofnet farms is into the manufacturing of organic fertilizer by turning the residue of cocoa waste into organic fertilizers. The organic fertilizer maximizes the profit farmers make due to its effectiveness and affordability. It also helps produce quality organic foods in a healthy green environment.

Eco-Period Reusable Pad

Eco-Period is a Rural Girls Empowerment social enterprise manufacturing low-

cost eco-friendly reusable sanitary pad which is feasible, sustainable and more viable than the regular pads in the markets aimed at providing a holistic Menstrual Health Management (MHM)

A solution consisting of menstrual products, education and skills to most vulnerable areas of


Crystal Green Ghana

Crystal Waste Management team are seeking to upcycle waste materials to create useful fashion products and crafts.

Vert Power

Vert Power produces affordable, eco-friendly biodigesters in order to reduce the rate of deforestation in Rural Areas by providing them with a reliable, clean and eco-friendly alternative source of cooking fuel

Plastikus Recycle Agency (PRA)

Plastikus Recycle Agency (PRA) is a mission-driven company in Ghana with the specialty of collecting, sorting and recycling plastic bottles (PET) to achieve “clean environment” in Ghana.

UpCycle Comforts

UpCycle Comforts uses plastic waste such as water sachets as stuffing for comforts such as pillows, headrests and cushions. The company is proactively working to minimise plastic waste littered in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region of Ghana They are built on job creation and employment for women


WasteCure is a waste management and recycling company that solves the inconsistency in waste management services and also inculcates separation of waste from dumping sources. The company seeks to give value to the waste management sector by ensuring sanity and dedication in serving clients for optimum environmental sustainability.

Biogas Innov

Biogas Innov has a vision for a better and more efficient waste conversion to energy output in Ghana. Biogas Innov. currently supports rural communities to improve biogas and biomethane yield of installed and new bio digesters by integrating a pretreatment unit to the digesters for efficient energy output.

GrEEn Project - AgriCentric Ventures

AgriCentric Venture engages in nutrient recycling by using bio-inoculants and chemotrophs to process fruit and vegetable waste into quality, low-cost organic farming inputs for smallholder farmers. The company operates as a dynamic social enterprise that helps farmers to reduce their cost of food production, increase their revenues, and strengthen the climate-resilience capacities through cost-effective innovations

GrEEn Project - Recycling field Ghana

Recycling field Ghana sources waste motor oil from mechanic shops and recycles it into new motor oil and diesel fuel using an innovative low cost process. The waste processed is used as bitumen. The company is embedded with the goal of protecting the environment from pollution.

GrEEn Project - Eye of the brain Eco Feeds

Eye of the brain Eco Feeds recycles domestic, industrial organic waste and agricultural by-products into quality fish and livestock feeds. Their products are maggots, pellets, concentrates, hay and silage. They provide farmers with cheaper and quality feeds, while contributing to the global fight against climate change.  Facebook:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Melt & Mould Recycling Company Ltd

Melting and Mould Ltd. seeks to put plastic waste to use by melting and moulding them into beautiful and useful products such as furniture and other artefacts.

Premier Waste Services

Premier Waste Services is focused on collection and processing PET bottles into flakes within the Ashanti Region. They have an extensive network on informal waste pickers who collect and supply them with PET bottles for further processing.

Vara Wudiu

Vara Wudiu creatively transforms dry untapped grasses into animal feeds, mixed with dried groundnut plant, vegetables, Sodium Chloride and orange peel. This innovatively solves scarcity of animal feed (livestock) during the dry season


Cocozugh recycles tons of coconut husks waste into cocopeat, coir and carbonated charcoal which supports rural communities with natural resources and protects the environment from heaped waste

F&W Environmental Solution

F&W Environmental Solution is a social enterprise that aims to solve environmental problems through the repurposing of plastic waste to school bags. This startup does not only solve environmental problems, but also improves durability of school bags.


RECYCLE ME is focused on recycling Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles within the Kumasi  locality as well as the Ashanti Region as a whole. Recycle Me focuses on the collection  and recycling of PET-based materials into flakes  before sales to plastics manufacturing companies in Kumasi and Tema.

GrEEn Project - Rural Green Recycling (RGR)

Rural Green Recycling (RGR) promotes waste segregation sourced from incentive-based collection programs in low-income communities that would have been kept in the dumpsites. They buy back all-recyclable dry wastes (metal, paper, plastics) generated in the communities. The wastes collected are pre-processed before they are recycled. RGR has the vision of supporting youths and women to build green entrepreneurial skills.

GrEEn Project - Ebenezer ventures

Ebenezer ventures is a Non-governmental organisation that uses permaculture and Eco village sustainable modules in turning waste into resources and creating livelihood empowerment opportunities. Ebenezer ventures convert plastic waste into eco bags promoting a circular economy system. Let’s Reuse, Recycle and Reduce plastics in the system. facebook: Eben venture. google my business: eben ventures/tawheed fashion [email protected]

GrEEn Project - Freddy Bidipa Company

Freddy Bidipa Company solves the problem and difficulty in lighting briquettes and Charcoal in households. The use of polythene bags, and old egg crates are dangerous, detrimental to health and also lead to fire outbreaks. The manufacturing of Freddy Charcoal products ensures environmental protection, combats climate change and prevents air and water pollution.