Green Fuel Innovation Africa

Greenfuel  Innovation Africa solves the problem of deforestation, climate change, inadequate access to clean energy and unemployment among women in rural towns. Greenfuel’s charcoal briquette is clean, stainless, smokeless and affordable as compared to wood fuel.

Plasty House

Plasty House seeks to mitigate issues of plastic waste pollution by converting collected plastic waste and turning them into interlocking eco-bricks for construction.

Eco-Period Reusable Pad

Eco-Period is a Rural Girls Empowerment social enterprise manufacturing low-

cost eco-friendly reusable sanitary pad which is feasible, sustainable and more viable than the regular pads in the markets aimed at providing a holistic Menstrual Health Management (MHM)

A solution consisting of menstrual products, education and skills to most vulnerable areas of


Crystal Green Ghana

Crystal Waste Management team are seeking to upcycle waste materials to create useful fashion products and crafts.

Melt & Mould Recycling Company Ltd

Melting and Mould Ltd. seeks to put plastic waste to use by melting and moulding them into beautiful and useful products such as furniture and other artefacts.

Premier Waste Services

Premier Waste Services is focused on collection and processing PET bottles into flakes within the Ashanti Region. They have an extensive network on informal waste pickers who collect and supply them with PET bottles for further processing.