Melt & Mould Recycling Company Ltd

Logo of Melt&Mould Recycling Company

Looking at the rate at which plastic waste is wrongly disposed of in our local communities, this startup was inspired to take action and help reduce plastic waste.

Melt&Mould is a recycling company that converts plastic waste into ergonomically efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and durable plastic furniture and other plastic products. The company is aimed at providing the opportunity to join in the advocacy against plastic waste pollution for individuals, organizations, and institutions who are conscious of the effect of plastic waste pollution. By offering them durable, aesthetically pleasing furniture and various plastic products, they are provided with an opportunity to create positive impact through their purchasing decision.

As a consequence, your choice of furniture can help slow down the rate of dumping of plastic waste into ditches, water bodies, dumpsites and the general environment.

Emmanuella Bema Appiah

Founder/ General Supervisor

Sam Samuel Kwesi Mensah

Co-Founder/ Public Relations